National Health Center

  • Laying of 35kV cable line, installation of 35 kV switchgears and trays, installation of 6 pieces of 2000kvA 35/0,4 kV transformers and 2 pieces of 2500kVA 35/0,4 kV transformers, installation of Blockset panel of 0,4kV Jn = 5000 A and Prisma Plus P panel of Jn = 4000A 0,4 kV, installation of Busbar system of 4000A, 5000A, 4000A, 2500A, 1600A,250A, installation of 6 pieces of 1100 kVA 400V UPS and SCADA systems, general distribution panels and floor panels, implimetation of lighting works, laying of electrical panels, trays and cable channels, testing and start-up works
  • Completed