“Bakelektro” OJSC set a goal to become the leader through the  electric installation and construction services  which it provides  in the region.  Long terms strategies related to the implementation of this purpose are the following:


“Bakelekro” OJSC bears liability related  to the provision  of  the newest and most modern  engineering and construction  technologies  to carry out the  project  in the form  which gives  a high quality and pleasure to our clients. We believe that  the quality  of works   implemented by us as a part of this liability  will  make us join the  ranks  of  perspective firms  in the  eyes  of our clients.


To take advantage  of innovations  for working with  the advanced technologies  in the  most difficult conditions, become  professional in the work regardless  of  hard conditions, constantly  improve   working methods, technology,  quality and  performance, provide distinguished service and  increase  competition, gain prestige in different  fields  of  strategic partnerships and  move forward getting benefit from the partnerships.


 “Bakelektro” OJSC presents all the resources for carrying out a project from the very beginning to the end.   Services of all kinds from construction to installation works for preparation  of  practice projects  on fisibilitating works   are available in Bakelektro.  Due to the difference in our services, we are satisfied not only working fast, but at the same time make great contribution to quality of projects.