According to the  international  standards,  “Bakelektro” OJSC declares important the sustainable improvement and development of Ecology, Safety and Quality systems  and pays special attention to the following criterions:


Compliance with the international agreement documents (conventions, agreements, protocols etc.,) as well as international and local legislative requirements related to the protection of natural resources;

Maximum reduction of environmental risks that can arise for public and ecosystems in the field of our activity;

Application of environmental safety management system in our activity;

Instruct of all employees with relevant and comprehensive data during operation taking into account impacts on environment;

Implementation of continuous monitoring over the environmental impact of environmental aspects during design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance processes;

Provision of accessibility of ISO 14001 standards (environmental management system) to contractors, companies, institutions being in contact with the company.


Bakelektro OJSC tries to achieve implementation of this policy by using all measures possible for prevention or minimizing hazards and risks to be prejudiced to environmental safety during work by complying with all principles.