• Baku Olympic Stadium 2015

  • National Gymnastics Arena

  • Republic Skeet Shooting Cetre

  • Baku Aquatic Center


“Bakelektro” Open Joint  Stock Company was established on March 4,  1998 on the  base  of "Azer Industry Electrical Installation" trust which had been operating  more than  70 years.   Our company has nearly 20 years  of rich  experience in the field of internal and  external  power supply  of large and small-scale plants and factories, industrial and  catering facilities, subway stations, airports, hotels and high-rise business centers, residential buildings, sport and concert complexes and  stadiums, installation  and service of medium-voltage power systems (medium voltage switchgears,...



  • Yeni Həyat (Residential and Business Center)

    Installation of transformer, regulator, compensator, generator, UPS device, 10KV and 0,4kV switchgears; laying of high and low voltage cable lines and cable channels; installation of busbar system; lighting works of building interior, facade and decorative lighting; installation of UPS and mechanical panels, lightning transmitter and earthing systems, fire-alarm systems, CCTV, Data-phone, Access Control, Emergency Alert, TV systems.

  • Baku Congress Centre

    Laying of 35kV cable line; installation of 35 kV switchgears, 6 pieces of 2500 KVA 35/0,4kV transformers; installation of 5000A and 4000A Busbar systems, 0,4 kV Blockset panel of Jn = 5000A, 4 pieces of 1875 kVA generators, synchronous panel, metal cable channel, SCADA system; laying of 0.4 kV power cables; implementation of setup works; testing and start-up

  • National Health Center

    Laying of 35kV cable line; installation of 35 kV switchgears and trays; installation of 6 pieces of 2000kvA 35/0,4 kV transformers and 2 pieces of 2500kVA 35/0,4 kV transformers;  installation of Blockset panel of 0,4kV Jn = 5000 A and Prisma Plus P panel of Jn = 4000A 0,4 kV;  installation of Busbar system of 4000A, 5000A, 4000A, 2500A, 1600A,250A


    Recruitment process in “Bakelektro” OJSC is carried out on the base of controlling the skills and abilities of candidates applying on vacant places announced by the Human Resources Department and the main factor here is the skills and abilities of the ... 


    As "Bakelektro" OJSC we fulfill our obligations related with qualitative safe work and environment for society, entrepreneurs and employees in all our projects. But we do not accept it as a social obligation, but as our responsibility.


    The world we live is very beautiful, rich and colorful. This environment is called a nature. Actually, we are a part of this nature and nature is a mother of all us. Our life and health depend on it. Forests are one of the integral parts of the nature.